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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Even our children have some understanding of this struggle!

A friend of ours found this post-it note that was written by her 8 year old daughter. It is the inspiration for this post.

When I was a kid, in the early 90's, this kind of struggle was unimaginable. Times were good. I went about my childhood without any concern for the social, political or financial firestorm that was looming on the horizon. As our politicians were being lured into the pockets of wealthy businessmen, I was busy building tree forts and exploring the woods near our house.
I had no idea at the time, but the seeds of corruption were being sewn by men who had no concern for the future generations. Like so many farmers, they nurtured and harvested their crop without any thought towards recompense. Massive fortunes were built illegitimately as payoffs were made to have lawmakers look the other way. Business in Washington was booming. As the years passed the corruption radiated to all of the dark recesses of government. Back room deals became more common than legitimate policy making. It became the norm for the freshman politicians to be included in the cycle. The two major parties tightened their grip on the political landscape with more payoffs and gained control of the major media. To the citizen it looked as if everything was on the up and up. We as Americans were still prospering so there was no reason to think anything was wrong. We all sat content as kittens as our elected officials were selling our future to the highest bidder.
     A decade later and this maleficent beast has outgrown it's pinfold. Fattened on the hopes and dreams of Americans, it's become to big to hide. Always hungry, it looks to consume everything it can. We call this beast, Greed. It never sleeps. The whips of it's corporate masters crack through the air driving the beast forward, indiscriminately devouring everything in it's path. It's inescapable gaze scrutinizing all it's set upon. It leaves only the lifeless remains of our future behind. This is the great struggle of our time.
     It is a frightening sight to behold, for sure but there are still people who refuse to tremble at it's feet. People who choose to stand in defiance. People who will put it all on the line so that virtue, not decadence, is the creed of our future generations. After all, our children are what's most important, right?  In a time when the actions of those in power go unfettered, no American is safe from this problem.  The real question is;  What will you choose to do when the beast arrives at your doorstep?

Note: I had a little bit of literary fun with this one and while it seems a little dramatic, the gravity of this economic situation we're in IS this dire for some people.  There are those that have lost everything because of the indiscretions of a few.  This article is inspired by those people.  Thanks for reading. 

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