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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Whoever created this piece of excrement...I'M CALLING YOU OUT!

Whoever is responsible for this piece of junk needs to have his/her internet privileges revoked!

Allow me to explain why.  It's absolutely false!  The author implies that without corporate greed, which by the way is destroying this country, it would be impossible for companies to develop technology.  This simply isn't true. 

Let's look at the word Greed.  Greed - "a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as in money) than is needed."  More than is needed!  That means after they pay their employees, pay for R+D, pay for materials, advertising campaigns and the financial security enough to stay competitive in their market, they STILL have more money than they need.  That is to say that if they weren't disgusting, cut-throat, greedy slobs they would still have plenty of money to develop new technologies.  End of story!  

This thing offends me because I feel like the author used these words intentionally which means he's either just that corrupt or stupid or both.  This thing is a poison to the cause of liberty and it should have never happened in the first place!

To learn about how lobbying works read this interesting article:

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